IX международный творческий конкурс «Поклонимся Великим тем годам!» для детей, педагогов и воспитателей Казахстана и стран ближнего и дальнего зарубежья




Жуматай Назгуль Нурланкызы

IV международный творческий конкурс «Весна идёт — весне дорогу!» для детей, педагогов и воспитателей Казахстана, стран ближнего и дальнего зарубежья


The issue of teenagers wearing hijab to school

Жұматай Назгүл Нұрланқызы

Annotation: Hijab in Islam — any clothing, but in the Western world, hijab is understood as a traditional Arabic women’s head scarf.

Perceptions of Kazakh young people about marring foreigners

Жуматай Назгуль Нурланкызы

Many people want to create her own family and to be married. It’s easy to get married and hard to be family. Adults emphasize the importance of not making two things wrong in life: choosing a marriage and choosing a profession. The choice of a spouse is a serious question, no doubt, after the transition to family life, everyone wants to find a loved one and live a life full of happiness and love. Married people are both responsible for and responsible to another human being, and both halves of that dynamic lead the married to live more responsible, fruitful, and satisfying lives.


What genres do Kazakh students use while writing an essay?

Жуматай Назгуль Нурланкызы

As a student to take interview is a good idea to improve our skill. Doing this research we had knowing more things about genre. Genre is the term that is used commonly to describe how people communicate through their use of language and how they group text together. Furthermore, genre can be measure of how common something is in a discourse community.

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