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Theme of the lesson: Teenage problems. Is it difficult


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Кадирбекова Аклен Куттыбаевна, учитель английского языка, вторая квалификационная категория высшего уровня, Школа-гимназия № 22 г. Астана. Стаж работы 5 лет

Кадирбекова Аклен Куттыбаевна

Form: 10 А, Б, В.

Aims of the lesson:

1. Presentation of new lexical theme: Teenage problems.
2. Consolidation of the grammar theme Gerund, grammar Tenses.
3. Develop pupils` speaking, reading, writing skills.

Plan of the lesson

1. Org. moment.
2. Checking home task.
3. Presentation of new theme.

Watching Microsoft Power Presentation.

— How do you think what is the theme of our lesson? What we are going to speak about?

Work in groups. Discussing. Guessing the name of the theme.

(Picture 1.)

Ex1 p 192

— What problems worry you?

— How do you feel about teen`s problems?

— What are the reasons?

— How to help them with problems?

— Who can help them?

Ex 2 p 193 (work with the text) (Picture 2) (Picture 3)


Find from the text:

1) The Present Simple Tense
2) The Past Simple Tense
3) The Present Perfect Tense
4) Future Simple Tense
5) Future in the Past
6) Passive Voice
7) Modal verbs
8) Infinitive
9) Gerung

Let`s revise grammar. (Picture 4)

Ex 3 p 193 — name teenage problems mentioned in text.

Teenage problems are: (Picture 5)

— Violence, drugs, alcohol etc...

Ex6 p194 name reasons which are mentioned in text and circle them in text. (pic.2)

Ex 7 p 194

— Who can help teenagers? Discuss in your groups how they can help for them. (cards)

Ex 8 p 194

— 1 st group discusses «What Teenage should do...»

— 2d group discusses «what adult should do...»

Ex 9 p 195

— Do you agree or disagree with these statements? Why? Why not?

Ex 10 p 195

— What do you think about the information given below?

Ex 1 p 196 — answer on the questions below.

Ex 2 p 195 — reading the statements.

Ex 4 p 196 — reading the Collin`s families rules. Tick the rules which are the same in your family.

Ex 6 p 197 — ask questions to your partner about his/her family rules and makes notes.

Ex7 p 197 interview your group mates about their problems usually they face and find out the reasons of them.

Ex8 p 197 — write a list of problems your classmates have.

Ex9 p 197 — reading the text.

Ex 14 p 198 — reading the text.

Ex 15 p 199 — ask and answer the questions.

Ex 16 p 199 — compare British and Kazakh teenagers. (Picture 6)

Ex 17 p 199 — work in pairs.

Ex 18 p 199 — work in pairs

Ex 19 p 199 — group work

Ex 20 p 200 — pair work

Ex 21 p 200 — individual/ group work — presentation of their family rules.

Giving home task: Ex 11 — 13 p 198 — prepare presentation.

Giving marks.

— I am satisfied with your work. I give you excellent and good marks.

Sum-up of the lesson.


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