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Methodological support to develop productive skills of students


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Хасанова Кумисай Кумаровна, учитель английского языка, стаж работы — 16 лет, Назарбаев Интеллектуальная школа химико-биологического направления г. Атырау

Methodological support to develop productive skills of students

At Nazarbayev Intellectual schools the students are taught to develop four language skills. These can be divided into receptive and productive skills. Receptive skills are listening and reading. Writing and speaking are productive skills. That means those skills are considered to require producing the language than receiving it (The TKT course, p.37). In this methodological project, we try to present the ways of organising those skills according to Integrated Programme of Development. According to the course plan of Integrated Program writing and speaking abilities of students can be developed using contexts, activities, tasks, texts, discussion and learning objectives selected for the English classes. Thus, the main goal of this work is to recommend meaningful activities and lesson plans with some worksheets that cover selected learning objectives at English lessons.

In practice English teachers, face difficulties that students have in expressing their opinions. These recommendations are presented to solve this problem in ESL classrooms. In addition, this work can be useful for following:

— Increasing effectiveness and quality of study at English classes;
— Developing intellectual abilities of learners and quality of preparation to the classes;
— Using ICT;
— Creating the additional methodological basis for English teachers.

The target of this work is to develop productive skills needed for success in studying English. It covers different topics according to the course plan. A variety of activities, which include a group of familiar topics for students, will be helpful to generate students’ interest to the subject.


From own practice I noticed that writing practice is boring for students. When you say, «Please, take out a piece of paper and a pen» the half of the students fall asleep. So, how can we assign the writing tasks that assist the students to develop their writing skills? How do we interest students in doing different types of writing? When we looked for a solution to this question, we found different website articles about motivating learners to writing. They say about various ways of arising interest of students. However, learners are different from one another. «We should try to personalize our teaching to match their learning needs and preferences. We can do this varying our teaching style, materials, topics, approaches, etc.» (The TKT course, p.49) Considering this point of view, we chose different activities, which would help us to provide successful writing. Firstly, we can give out the students inspiring topics. Inspiring topics are things about real world. For instance, students are given the task to write newspaper headlines. They help to attract and keep reader’s attention. Accordingly, the tasks related to newspaper headlines should be interesting for students.

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