VI международный творческий конкурс «Пусть всегда будет солнце!» для детей, педагогов и воспитателей Казахстана, стран ближнего и дальнего зарубежья

30 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Шестой международный творческий конкурс «Вот оно какое, наше лето!» для детей, педагогов и воспитателей Казахстана и стран ближнего и дальнего зарубежьяя



  Мырзахмет Мақпал Жүнүсқызы, Рустемова Алма Исатаевна преподаватели кафедры иностранных языков КазНУ имени ал-Фараби

Independence is the basis of freedom. This year is the 30th anniversary of independence. During this time there were many sorrows and joys, successes and failures, development and crises. Independence, which has become a golden symbol of history, did not come to us easily. Many young people have become victims of independence in order to improve the future of the next generation. Every independence is a moment to evaluate our past and future, to weigh our thoughts and make new plans for the future.

For Kazakhstan, the first decade was a century of development. The number of educational institutions increased and the wings of Kazakhs began to spread. We began to recover, the number of people who have a bright future began to increase. Our potential has grown and we are able to reach the world level. Our prosperous capital has become the beauty of the country. Our friendship with foreign countries has grown and we have started to invest.

In the third decade, the 2050 strategy began to take shape. Large-scale projects such as 100 concrete steps, a bright path, a new name have been launched. It was the tenth anniversary of the spiritual revival. If we preserve the immortal heritage and traditions of the country and look to the future with a love of freedom, we will become a stable, eternal country with a perfect future. We have experienced a lot in the course of history. We did not give our country easily to the fox who wanted to take it and to the gray horse who wanted to humble it. Our support and desire is independence. No one can separate us if we work together. Independence is an eternal state, a bright future, an opportunity for a conscious generation. Independence is a sacred day for us. It was a day when the dream of freedom-loving young men came true. The next task of the younger generation is to glorify our country. Ability to bring up a conscious generation and be competitive. Entrusting the status of the state to the next generation. To hand over the freedom, which has become an eternal value of our people, as a duty to the future. May the pedestal of our independence be high. Let there be no clouds in the sky, and let the sun shine in the sky.

One of the most important victories of our independent country was the closure of the Nevada-Semei test site. However, despite the fact that this movement began earlier, the First President issued an official decree in 1991.

In February 1989, the first rally of the «Nevada-Semei» movement was held, which decided to start a struggle to find a nuclear test site in Semei. It was headed by a well-known public figure, poet Olzhas Suleimenov. Every time our steppes are shaken by nuclear explosions, it is impossible to remain silent. In 40 years, thousands of Hiroshima have exploded. We look forward to the future with danger. Without worries, drinking water and food, it becomes impossible to bring a baby to life. «We have created the Nevada-Semei Movement to stop nuclear weapons in Kazakhstan, to establish peace and tranquility in our homes, and to fight for our rights.» Kazakh people, who showed determination and perseverance, achieved their goal: the largest test site was closed.

Kazakhstan has achieved a lot during the 30 years of independence. During this period, Kazakhstan has become a leader in economic development in Central Asia. The bulk of investment in the region came to Kazakhstan.

As the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev noted: «Independence is the golden pillar of our statehood, the solid foundation of our independence. For a country with a rich history and deep roots, there is no greater value. We consider it the most precious treasure, the most precious deposit. That is why we cherish the independence that our ancestors longed for. Sovereignty is a priceless blessing for every nation. The Chronicle of Independence is closely connected with the historical figure of our First President — the Leader of the Nation.»

Education and science are indicators of development and prosperity of any state. Therefore, from the first days of independence, the goal was to improve the quality of education and science in accordance with the requirements of world civilization. Today, this requirement is reflected in the heights, and the country’s education and science are on the path of special development.

In accordance with the effective reforms in the field of education, we have achieved a number of changes. The competence of educational institutions has expanded; state guarantees of free vocational education in general secondary education and public schools; a trilingual education system was introduced; foreign citizens were allowed to study in the Republic of Kazakhstan; credit system and educational grants were allocated; Higher education institutions and research institutes have the opportunity to train competitive professionals through vocational education and academic freedom.

Raising the level of higher education to the international level directly contributes to Kazakhstan’s becoming a competitive state in the international arena. To implement it, a system of multilingual education has been introduced in Kazakhstan since 2012. In the 2012-2013 academic year, a system of multilingual education was introduced in 35 schools of Kazakhstan, as well as a project to teach English from the 1st grade. As a result of Kazakhstan’s rapid entry into the Bologna process, the country has entered a three-tier model: bachelor’s and master’s degrees — PhD

Qualified teachers, who for many years worked at the basic university and brought up students, formed their own scientific school. In one of his speeches, President Nursultan Nazarbayev said: «This university, named after our great ancestor Al-Farabi, is a leader in the country’s universities. Thousands of qualified specialists have graduated from the university, where several generations of excellent teachers have worked over the years.

Today, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is the only university in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, which is among the top 200 universities in the world. It has significant potential in addressing strategic national and international challenges. Recently, the university ranked 175th in the QS global rankings. The contribution of this university to the Independence Day and all future achievements are dedicated to this great holiday. More than 500 educational programs are being implemented, including those developed jointly with leading universities in the near and far abroad.

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is a leading university in the country with a long history, well-established traditions and great achievements. Currently, the university has 16 faculties, 68 departments, 8 research institutes and 29 research centers. There is also a Medical Diagnostic Center, a Student’s Palace named after O. Zholdasbekov, a student service center «Keremet», a sports camp on Lake Issyk-Kul. About 140 research and educational laboratories have been launched.

KazNU has more than 650 educational programs. This year, more than 100 new curricula have been launched in the most relevant and promising areas. These include natural and technological risks in neurology, cyberphysics, biological engineering, robotic systems, natural sciences and engineering. There are specialties in the social and humanitarian areas: public administration and public security, digital economy, creative industries, media communications, smart urban economy. This year, 7 educational buildings have been cosmetically repaired, 3 educational buildings are being overhauled. 14 dormitories were repaired and modern conditions were created for students. The campus is being landscaped.

When you hear the word KAZNU, you immediately think of quality, rank, competition, speed, first, leader, honor, competence. According to the results of a study by the QS rating agency, which evaluates the quality of developed universities, the world group is among the top 200 universities.

The leading university of the country is actively advancing in the world rankings. This important achievement is achieved by the staff of KazNU through a comprehensive structural modernization, development of faculties on a cluster basis, consolidation of departments, introduction of system management, results-oriented.

maximizes performance. The university has moved to an educational program that fully meets international standards. Scientists of the university are actively conducting research. Innovative projects are being implemented at the international level, new technologies are being developed.

Publications of KazNU scientists in high impact factor journals are growing every year. The university is a leader in expanding international partnerships, increasing academic mobility, developing social partnership. The university is widely known among employers. During the rating of the QS agency, the reputation of the KazNU in the academic community was highly valued.

We know that the concept of «Karashanyrak» is of great importance in the life of the Kazakh people. The name of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is also used interchangeably. The University participated in the project «Energy of the Future» at EXPO-2017. In addition, our university has developed a project «100 books» with a wealth of lessons for the younger generation and opened the «Incubator», which is a center of innovative ideas. These projects are yielding results. Teaching young people to serve the country faithfully has become a constant task of the university. The Kazakh National University has done a great job in forming such an attitude among the Kazakh youth.

The department of «Foreign Languages» has undergone many changes during its existence, but the students and undergraduates of our department have remained unchanged at a high level of knowledge of foreign languages. The department is actively working to create author’s educational materials aimed at improving the effectiveness of foreign language teaching in the context of online education. Teachers also integrated online courses from top foreign universities into classes. Students, in turn, received certificates upon completion of the course. With the transition of the education system to online products and the combination of modern information technology and direct communication between students and teachers.

In general, by modernizing the education system of Kazakhstan, we have the opportunity to introduce educational programs in the country based on international best practices. Currently, the education system is moving towards globalization. Therefore, the education system is becoming one of the main directions of social policy, and today the economic achievements of the state are determined by the education system, the education of citizens, the competitiveness of professionals and created an ever-changing environment based on creativity. The only way to develop human capital is to instill these qualities in citizens through quality education in a rapidly changing space. Only quality education can be a guarantee of a prosperous state, a strong economic and prosperous society.