Шестой международный творческий конкурс «Зимние забавы» для детей, педагогов и воспитателей Казахстана, стран ближнего и дальнего зарубежья


Theme of the lesson: Travelling to the Past


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Гайворонская Ирина Викторовна, учитель английского языка, первая категория, КГУ «Средняя школа № 18», г. Тараз

Цель: закрепление знаний грамматики (Past Simple) и расширение знаний об истории Казахстана



1. Учить использовать Past Simple
2. Закрепить знания о знаменитых людях и событиях.


1. Развивать навыки чтения, устной речи, письма
2. Развивать память, внимание, логику мышления и интеллект.

Воспитывающая: Воспитывать патриотизм и интерес к изучению английского

Тип урока: закрепление приобретенных знаний.

Вид урока: смешанный.

Межпредметная связь: русский язык, история, литература.

Оборудование: таблица, портреты, интерактивная доска

The course of lesson:

I. Organization moment. Good afternoon, children

Sit down, please.

What date is it today? What date was it yesterday?
What day is it today? What day was it yesterday?
What is the weather like today? What was the weather like yesterday?
Who is absent today? Who was absent yesterday?

II. Do you understand what theme is it today?

Yes, today we"ll speak about the Past. We"ll travel to the past of Kazakhstan and use the Past Simple. You know that verbs which we use in the Past Simple may be regular and irregular. Let"s repeat two forms of irregular verbs. (Slide 1)

Be-was/were                   Build-built
Do-did                            Write-wrote
Make-made                    Have-had
Fly-flew                          Read-read
Become-became            Get-got
Win-won                        Go-went

III. Now let"s divide into two groups.

Who chooses the regular verb, take your sit at one desk. Who chooses the irregular verb, take your sit at another table.. Today we"ll travel to the past of Great Britain, Russia and most of all to the past of our country.

The task is: look at the portraits of these famous people and say what they were. (slide 2)

I group.

1. Chaikovsky ......was...................(Russian composer)
2. Abai Kunanbaev.......................(Kazakh teacher and writer)
3. Newton...................................(English scientist)
4. Serov and Perov....................(Russian artists)

II group.

1. Chokhan Valikhanov...........(Kazakh traveller)
2. The Beatles ........................( English singers)
3. Yury Gagarin .....................(Russian cosmonaut)
4. Zhambyl Zhabaev ..............(Kazakh poet)

IV. The next task: put the verbs in brackets into right form. (slide 3)

I group.

1. Tokhtar Aubakirov , the first Kazakh cosmonaut, (to fly) into the space 25 years ago.
2. Astana (to become) the capital of Kazakhstan in 1998.
3. Asanali Ashimov (to make) the film about Abylai Khan.
4. We (to celebrate) the 550th anniversary of Kazakh Khanate last year.
5. Alexander Vinokurov and Iliya Ilin (to win) the Olimpic games.

II group.

1. Nursultan Nazarbaev, our President, (to build) a modern, independent and prosperous state.
2. Batyrkhan Shukenov (to sing) the beautiful songs.
3. Zhambyl Zhabaev (to live ) in Zhambyl region in his childhood.
4. Our town (to have ) a lot of names.
5. Taraz (to get) its first name 18 years ago.

V. Now listen to the poem about our native town and see the sights. (slide 4)

Oh, Taraz, native town
I love you very much.
I like your sights and views,
Your parks and streets and people.
Oh, Taraz, ancient town
You look so very young.
I’m proud of your history
And believe the future will be nice.
My dream to live in Taraz
To see all that I love.
My heart is always here
Wherever I’ll go.

VI. Look at the poem, find in the text the verbs in Present Simple and put them into the Past Simple.


Are they regular or irregular verbs?

VII. Now ask the questions as in the game "What? Where? When?" (slide 5)

I group.

1. Zhambyl Zhabaev wrote a lot of poems. What..............?
2. Olzhas Suleimenov and his movement closed the nuclear range in Semey in 1991. Where.........?.
3. N. Nazarbaev became the President 24 years ago. When................?

II group.

1. Yesterday the pupils read the novel «The way of Abai» by Mukhtar Auezov. What............?
2. The Silk way passed through our town. Where.........?
3. Taraz celebrated the 2000 th anniversary in 2002.

VIII. The next task for two groups: make the text putting the separate sentences into order.

Who will be faster? Compare with the right text. (slide 6)

1. Some years ago Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan.
2. Once our President decided to move to the north of our country.
3. The first name of new capital was Akmola.
4. In 1997 Akmola got the the new name — Astana.
5. The builders built a very beautiful city.
6. All the countries liked the new capital of Kazakhstan.

IX. Conclusion. Appreciate each other. Marks for the lesson.

X. Home task: to write the story about the history of Taraz.